Connecting to the Team Foundation Server on Warp Cluster

1. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (with Team Explorer installed)

2. Under "Team" menu, select "Connect to Team Foundation Server..."


3. If you already added the Warp Team Foundation server, select the projects you are involved with

4. If this is the first time you are connecting, click the "Servers" button and then "Add"

5. Input the following:

  • Name or ULR of Team Foundation Server:
  • Path: tfs
  • Port number: 8443
  • Protocol: HTTPS
  • 6. Click "OK" and then "Close". Enter your Warp login and password when asked

    NOTE: The username should be entered in the form "warp\username" and both the login and password should be typed and not "copy/pasted"

    7. From the Team Projects list select the Team Foundation projects you are involved in (if there are any already created)

    8. Click "Connect"


    9. You can access the project items (e.g. source control, documents, reports) by browsing the Team Explorer pane in Visual Studio


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