Adding a Website to the Team Foundation Project

This tutorial will show you how to add your code (e.g. a website) for the first time to source control on Warp Team Foundation server. The developing process is as follows:

  • Create a new website and set the location to "Local Filesystem" (Note: To add a website to source control it must be created on the local machine and not on the web server on Warp cluster)
  • Add the website to source control on Warp Team Foundation
  • Publish the website (when you are done) to the final place - the web server on Warp

    1. Open the website in Solution Explorer


    2. Right click on the Solution, and then "Add Solution to Source Control"


    3. Select the Team Foundation project you need to add this website to, click OK


    4. Check to see if there are plus signs next to the project items. This means that the solution has been added to the Team Foundation project and the files are pending the check-in process


    5. Select the Pending Changes in the bottom pane


    6. Add a comment (optional). This will help in tracking the changes easier in the future.

    7. Click "Check in"

    8. Check for the lock icons on the project items

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