WARP MsSQL database server


MsSQL: MsSQL server in warp is called mssql.warp.senecac.on.ca.

MsSQL Database: The database name is the same as your loginID.

Connection: There are 2 methods of connection to your database, one is through your application the other
is using Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express:
·                Launch Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express
·                      Server Type: Database Engine
·                      Server Name: mssql.warp.senecac.on.ca
·                      Authentication: SQL Server Authentication
·                      Login: < loginID >
·                      Password: *********
Software: You can download the software from Microsoft for free here.
Change password: To change the SQL Server login password, just connect to the database with SQL Server Manager 
Studio Express 2008 using the SQL Server login that is being updated and the current password.
Then click on New Query use "sp_password" to change the password. 

·                sp_password [ [ @old = ] 'old_password' , ]{ [ @new =] 'new_password' }[ , [ @loginame = ] 'loginID' ]


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